About Dialed in Nutrition

Dialed In Nutrition was founded in the home of Sara and Shea Geelan after a collective decision to put a higher emphasis on cleaner eating for themselves and their family. Through trial and error with different recipes and ingredients with the toughest critics….their children, they were able to realize that it IS possible to make a healthy lifestyle change while still enjoying what you eat!!

As the transformation of overall wellness (physical, mental and emotional) started taking shape, the commitment to finding a way to make this a manageable lifestyle grew stronger and stronger. However, it was quickly recognized that preparing health-conscious meals was time consuming and at times nearly impossible in a household with two working parents and three busy children.

Sara then began “meal prepping” for each week on Sunday afternoons. The time committed through hours of cooking on Sunday was quickly realized to be time well-spent on those busy mornings when having a healthy and nutritious meal option for breakfast and lunch was as simple as grabbing the containers out of the refrigerator while heading out the door in the morning.

The habit was quickly recognized by colleagues at work over the lunch-hour which led to questions and comments like: “how do you have time to cook a healthy meal for lunch EVERY day?”, “if I could have someone prepare meals like that, I could eat healthy too” and finally, “what would it cost for Sara to cook meals for me?”

From that moment on we recognized the demand for a healthy and affordable meal solution that would provide convenience and simplicity in the ever-changing landscape of diet and nutrition. Working professionals, busy families, athletes or anyone that is “hungry” for a change, will benefit from Dialed In Nutrition meals.


Lennox, South Dakota